Department of Geography : Morigaon College


Geography is one of the oldest subjects of study and it has been also called the ‘Mother of all Sciences’. Travelers and conquerors of the ancient world were inspired to know about the inhabited Earth, its inhabitants, its shape and size and its relations with others. These information formed the basis of geography. Initially the progress of modern geography was slow but in recent past there has been a rapid growth of the subject due to strong stimulus given by scientific research. Geography is now considered as an interdisciplinary subject and serves as an important link between the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Geographical studies cover the entire phenomenon on the earth’s surface and explain variations in the natural domain as well as the cultural and social domain and their interfaces.

The department has four permanent faculties with awarded PhD’s and three part time techers.



It was in the year 1994 that the department of geography, Morigaon College was established. The department received permission to teach geography in degree level (general) course from Gauhati University in 1994 and got government concurrence in 1995. The department also got affiliation for part – II degree courses in the year 2000. Major course was introduced in the year 1996 and Post Graduate courses were introduced in the year 2017.



Aims of Department of Geography .

* To acquaint the students with the living conditions of men in different parts of the globe.

* To enable the students to acquire a knowledge of natural resources.

*  To develop in students an understanding of how environment and climatic factors have influenced our life.

*  To help the students to acquire knowledge of their physical and social environment and thus to broaden their outlook.

* To develop in them an understanding of basic concepts, principles and theories relating to geographical phenomena.

* To train the students in nature study.

* To develop the power of thinking, reasoning, memory and power of imagination of students.

* To develop the skills of reading maps and globes, to develop drawing and measuring skills, and to develop the skill of using and manipulating geographical instruments.



 * Making Geographical knowledge accessible to all . 


Department of Geography, Morigaon College is located in the Morigaon district  of  Assam (central Assam ) of an impoverished province in north east india  as such, the Department of Geography believes in the moto of making Geographical knowledge accessible to all. It is with this sprit; this Department strives to provide a platform where Geographical knowledge production through research is of global standards and knowledge dissemination through pedagogy is accessible locally to all.



The department of Geography's mission is to provide its students with educational experiences of the most eminent caliber and to conduct vital research that produces valubale publications . The department is committed to outstanding Teaching and Scholarly activites within the framework of academic freedom and diversity of ideas . The department of Geography is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and to serving our communities from local to Global .



  • To disseminate the knowledge of geography and its recent advancement among students of the college so that they will become able to contribute the society in a meaningful way.
  • To enable the students to apply geographical knowledge under their capacities in the future as well as prepare them for various competitive examinations.
  • To find out the major constraints in the socio economic development of the state in general and this backward district in particular.
  • To introduce scientific temperament in the students and orient them towards research based experiential learning.
  • Morigaon is a flood affected and agricultural dominated area , so there is more scope in research to slove the agricultural and disaster related problems .

Courses Offered

  • Under Graduate (CBCS system) .
  • Post Graduate ( Under Gauhati University ).
  • P.G. Diploma in Disaster Management .
  • Certificate Course in Disaster Management .
  • Certificate Course in remote sensing , GIS and GPS .
  • Certificate Course in Map reading and Drawing .


Resources of the Department


The department of Geography lectures is scheduled in rooms that can comfortably seat the number of students admitted to a given batch. The classroom instruction makes use of the board for graphic display of conceptual connections, as well as for clarity of philosophical terminology. Chalks and markers are optimally supplied by the college for this purpose. All the rooms are equipped with screens, visualizes and projection facilities enabling power point presentations, screening of educational lectures. Laptops are made available and prompt technical assistance is provided for setting up the system and to redress any technical glitches. The college also provides Wi-Fi access to net resources. For hosting talks or lectures by guest speakers and scholars from the field, there is a range of venues available to suit the requirements of the occasion. There are seminar rooms to host panel discussions, structured so as to en



  • Well qualified faculty.
  • Active and very creative faculty .
  • we offer general course for those who do not have qualifying marks for honors course .
  • Certificate course offered for general students .
  • Well equiped computer lab facilities .
  • Positive interaction with students that makes them approach faculty members for academic and non academic solutions .




  • Shortage of regular staff.
  • Limited financial freedom .
  • The number of students are incressing every year but no additional infrastrature , sanctioned post of staff has been resised.
  • Low students teacher ratio 
  • Poor english speaking capacity of the students.
  • Less awareness towards the upcoming  opportunities .
  • Requirement of more facitites and modern classroom. 


Opportunities of Department of Geography's mission is to accelerate students into purpose-filled lives that lead to economic freedom. We do this by building education and employment pathways that lead to both strong first jobs and college degrees.

Our curriculum helps students explore career interests; develop cognitive, personal, and professional skills; and complete job-specific training to earn and thrive in living-wage jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.


  1. Improving Learning Outcomes.
  2. Inspiring students to be more self-directed.
  3. Getting students to do their work outside the classroom.
  4. Differentiating and personalizing teaching.
  5. Understanding Changing Technology.
  6. Finding the time to keep up with administrative tasks.
  7. Parental Involvement.

Activities of the Department



Awards of the Department

 * Dr. Hemanta Kumar Nath , Associate Prof. Department of Geography , Morigaon college , for his outstanding performence and significant contribution to Election Management for the year 2021 , as District Level Master Traniner , Morigaon . ( Given this 25th january of 2022 ).

Publication of the Department


1. Rupantor. ( Departmental Wall Magazine)         (2022-23)

2. Rupantar. ( Hand Written Magazine ) - Part  I   ( 2021-22 )

3. Rupantar . ( Hand Written Magazine ) - Part II  (2022-23 )

Achievements of the Department

No Data Available

Future Plan of the Department


* Introduce more certificate courses in the department .

* Research Guideship for Teachers .

* Research activites at Regional to local level . 

* Research Projects. 

Best Practices

  Bonding of Students and Teacher by

  1.     Mentor – Mentee Meet
  2.     Inter-disciplinary classes
  3.     Field study trips.
  4.     Community services progrmme on verious geographical socio-economic problem in local levels to regional levels.